Healing Rivers International

Reconnecting alienated hearts to a God who is Wildly 

Brian Longridge is from N Ireland and Anisha, his wife, is from the Netherlands.  After spending their honeymoon in a leprosy camp for two months, where they loved on them, did music with them, treated their wounds, looked aftertheim, they have chosen it as a way of life.. We can all reach to the broken and outcast as wellfin your street.. They also love encouraging people to reach out in compassion to the so called untouchables in India and other places. encouragintried to be a blessing in places of pain. Many times seeing Christ looking back at them through their eyes. Anisha did a Where there is no doctor study and a medical massage training which she uses. 

Update!! :   We are in a nation in Asia 
Healing Rivers is firstly a ministry to prisons and to people with leprosy 
in the Philippines , (where before in this new nation we were for the last 15 years) bringing love, hugs, re-connection to the Father in Heaven, massage, medical care, pastoring people rejected by society (yes it still happens strongly)  and sadly leprosy is still treated as untouchable Also encouraging churches in intimFat with God, unity compassion Love and the Father's Heart. 

We also started the Cebu House of Prayer in the Philippines (with the Maragni's.) and now Open Heavens House of Prayer in the nation we live in at the moment

Bethel Redding

We bring love, songs of the Father's heart, and the Good news about a Father who So loves the rejected and the hurting in society. .

We minister in churches too, but especially outside of the four walls, where the outcast, broken and hurting are, in prisons and to people who have leprosy, children.. Let's all open our hearts to our neighbour, isolation and loneliness is lurking everywhere..  We are the ones learning from the patients with leprosy.. They teach us so much.. Beautiful people

In the Philippines our work is  in a leprosy place and in a heavy-crime prison, also on street children. 

Singing the healing heart of the Father over His children...

We can all become

His suffering became our healing.. His unconditional Agape Love. 

Christ longs to live through you!

Let's aim to bring people back to the Restorer... and in turn they will become  restorers of relationships and peace bringers, instead of dividers in the Body of Christ..

In prison, where they are choosing for Christ (with His help.. )

Our daughter helping feed the street children (she is doing a Bible school now)..

Flash back, 15 years ago in India - my wife Anisha Mirte

Making ways so they can eat by themselves instead of needing to be fed also helps self value..

Worshiping with them.. They love the Lord and love singing about His Love. My wife massages the ladies and we put virgin coconut oil on their wounds and treat their wounds..  

Joshua has no parents and always comes for a father's hug.. We are so humbled by these beautiful people.. They are the ones teaching us.. We see Christ in their eyes looking back at us.. 

Leesha our daughter with Jack, who has leprosy and went to be with the Lord now.. 

We bought a tame birdie for Elizabeth, who's mom killed her bird when she was small and had leprosy. She always talks and sings sleepy songs to her bird.. Her mom abused her because of her leprosy


We just learned that we are pearls, and we don't need to give in to sexual abuse, nor become abusers if someone did weird things to us. We learned we are special and treasured, even if we say no to that stuff, and how to stay away from sex-traffickers, how to recognize them.. And that Abba loves us so dearly. I have a BIG bucket of Love from Heaven I can drink from any time I need love... I carry it with me where ever I go.. He Never Never leaves me..(we regularly teach street or orphan children on sexual abuse)

With some people with Leprosy, learning to experience and to know Christ.. 
We teach the street and leprosy children on sexual abuse and trafficking..

Leprosy.. We massage and love on them too, but they are NOT CONTAGIOUS ANYMORE...  Though family deserts them thinking that they are still contagious, and if not, the stigma alone is enough to make all the girls and boys in the family ineligible for marriage to any family, so they end up being rejected and NEVER EVER VISITED BY ANY FAMILY.. 

Rejection runs deep..  We have a church with them as well.. When we are in the west, someone takes it over.. 

People with leprosy worshipping Jesus..

Pls visit our music store on this site for Mp3 downloads of my music

Reach out to the hurting around you..

You may be the only Jesus they will ever see...

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